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Evolence Disaster - Finland

I did have evolence put in my cheeks ans near to...

i did have evolence put in my cheeks ans near to tear througs. now i have lumps and face is uneven. more on to other side than other. one side i look like ihave more bigger eyebag than i did before. this is disaster. what cani do to take this off of my face?? anything. please help me.

Hello! I am from a Nordic country like you- Sweden. I have had problems with restylane Sub q for a long time with lumps and rubber feeling. I have also tried to find a solution to get rid of my mass on cheeks. Nobody wants to help me. A play the waiting game with this product. If you find a surgeon in Finland who could help you. Please contact me. Take care
I hope yours will eventually go away on its own. Mine never did, so 1 1/2 years later I had it surgically removed. Am still recovering, but think it will be an big improvement! Nothing will dissolve it. When the doctor removed it, he told me it was like rubber and wouldn't have gone away on its own for YEARS (20...according to him!). Hope your experience isn't like mine! My experience has been one big nightmare! Whoever put that stuff in you should pay to have it removed!

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Here are a few threads about lumps from Evolence that may help:

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Good luck and please keep us updated on your progress!

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they just said that this is good and lasts long. im so hoping it wont.

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