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Invisalign is definetly worth it.  I had my...

Invisalign is definetly worth it.  I had my aligners for about 1 year and now have been down for almost 9 months.  Still need to wear the retainers each night or I see my bottom teeth shift a little.  Worth it if you can keep up with the disapline of brushing and flossing after you eat and remember to where them about 23 hours a day.

In the beginning I wore them every minute unless I was eating. As I got to the end I started to keep them out a little longer after lunch and dinner, but I always slept with them and now I only sleep with the retainers each night. As long as your teeth are moving along the way the dentist wants and the new trays you are given fit well without extreme pain, my thought is your okay. My coworker has them wears them much less then I do and she seems fine, still has straight teeth. But it never hurts to ask your dentist how you are progressing without giving up that you may not be wearing them 24/7. Hope this helps a bit.
Did you wear them consistently? I feel like I haven't been but my dentist seems okay with giving me new trays. I wonder if that's odd.
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