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End Result Makes Latisse Side Effects Not So Bad

I am a Filipino-American in my early 20s who was...

I am a Filipino-American in my early 20s who was born with "wimpy" lashes. I've tried lash extensions (too expensive & only look good for the first week), and falsies (still wear them for special occasions for extra OOMPH). I wanted to have nice, long, natural looking lashes for daily life and tried both Jan Marini and Revitalash.

They both worked but once I found out they were being sued and were no longer able to use the "active ingredient" I didnt wait to waste my $ on them. Then comes Latisse!! I feel like I hit the lottery with this one.

I did experience side effects, such as: discoloration of the skin around the eyes, extremely itchy/red eyelids for the first week, and persistent (but not severe) dryness/scaling of one of my eyelids. All these side effects were worth it.

I also noticed that the lashes on one eye was growing faster than the other but it all caught up around the 12th week mark. Now they are practically even, although on close inspection the lashes on the "slow growing eye" seem to look much better than the "faster growing eye" now at 18 weeks.

I also see that I'm shedding 3-5 lashes every 2-3 days now, it's the lash cycle I guess... I love my results. Here are my pictures as proof. My lashes do not look false *pouting*. I believe my lashes will never reach that kind of length or thickness because of my ethnicity. I guess that's how the cookie crumbles...

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I have a friend that's Asian and she wonders if it will hurt her. I told her hopefully no and I gave her a box just to try. Your lashes look GREAT!
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Thank you! It will not hurt, although she may experience some discomfort. For the first week my eyes felt itchy, like allergies, and one eyelid had minimal swelling which went away in a day or two. It was worth it though!! Tell your friend to stick with it and I wish her good luck.
i notice on week 18...though your lashes are longer , you also have darkness under your eyes. i used Latisse for 5-6 months and got good results with growth, i just couldn't stand the side effect under my eyes. i quit, it took 2 months for the discoloration to go away, i switched to another product with better results & 1/2 the price !!!!
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