I Feel So Much More Confident As a Woman

I went to Thailand to have my Tummy Tuck and a...

I went to Thailand to have my Tummy Tuck and a breast lift at 53 years old on a 3 week holiday- I had very little pain - the day after the surgery was a bit ordinary with drains etc .but as soon as you can MOVE and the pain will abait - being still makes the body stiffmess set in.

My advice is to leave all responsibility at home and concentrate on you as a woman for the weeks after the surgery - pain is a lot about emotion and if you are not worried and unsetteld it will be quite easy. Get up as soon as you can and walk and walk!!

I hsve not even told my family - they all just think I have lost weight!!


Hi Dancer Glad you are happy with results. Could you tell us at which hospital it was done and through which company? thanks
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Had Tummy Tuck on 2/20/09. It was the Best thing...I could've ever done for myself. First few days pain was HORRIBLE. but by day 5 I was feeling better. I cant wait for my final results!!!!
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Dr. Preeyaphus

Absolutely great - and no hesitation about going to have further work done!!

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