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Hey I'm lesha I had a FNG done on Monday and I...

Hey I'm lesha I had a FNG done on Monday and I must say I'm sooo happy I finally did it. I'm 28 years old 5`2 172pds I was a 42j cup ...yes a J cup I just wanted to join a group so that I can no what is normal and what isn't.

My experience is much like some of y'all I started developing in 5th grade and never stopped lol question is how do I care for my nipples after I get the JP drains out and unwrapped? Thanks


I want to get my wifes done for her birthday thats coming up what clinic did you find to do it for 300?
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congrads im a 42j and due for one on nov 28 but if u go to some of the free nipple graft fourms the ladies who have had one are really nice and they will answers
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I'm 12 days post op with a FNG. I'm sure the doc will tell you how to take care, but I just put the ointment he sent home on them and keep them covered. Took my first shower last night and I felt really good afterward. Had only taken baths and washed hair over the sink. Beware the nipples are just ugly. You can see my pics on my review, but it's kinda shocking an upsetting at first.
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