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So my surgery was yesterday morning, it's been...

So my surgery was yesterday morning, it's been about 40 hours and I'm really happy with my results.. That's sort of the problem I was told that my size will decrease once swelling goes down and I'm done healing. Is this going to be a dramatic decrease or something slightly unnoticeable? I feel anything smaller would be too small :( any feedback will help ladies, thank you!

325cc filled to 350cc saline over the muscle :)
I am currently 3 weeks and one day PO. I did silicone under the muscle 350cc. Some days they seemed small and others they seemed great. I think as of now they are staying the same. It all depends on your body as well. I have read on here it can take anywhere from a year to fully notice what they will look like. As mine have started dropping and fluffing they are starting to look fuller. Hope this helps some! I have boob greed every once in awhile but when I stop and look at the big picture I realize I am a hell of a lot bigger than I was AND I didn't push my body to the point of overly big boobs!
Thank you for your feedback!! Yeah I too have boob greed sometimes when I look at them I don't feel they're big enough which sucks because I paid so much money for them I really wanted to be 100% satisfied. They are also a little far apart which is strange considering my original breasts weren't so far apart, I hope within the next few months I start to be more confident but today I kind of felt like I should have sent bigger :/

325cc filled to 350cc, too small :(

Feeling like I went too small, should have gone with 375cc but went with 325 filled to 350cc. I'm 5'0, 105 pounds so thought that would be great for me even a little big actually but I'm now 3 days post op and not too happy with my results. They are spaced a little far apart which is strange, my normal breasts weren't like this, and only look big when I don't have anything on. Has anyone else got 350's and ended up seeing a change after a few months, the sad part is they're probably gonna get even smaller once the swelling goes down :( any feedback will help..
I thought mine were a tad far apart at first too and they have moved closer together now. Has your doctor told you, you can massage yet? That helps to loosen the muscle and have the implant settle into it's pocket. I see you are two days post op so you are way early into this. My breasts started to settle and seemed to get bigger at about 11 days PO. Right now you are swollen and tight just give it time. I have some concerns myself but have spoken to the nurse at my PO's office and she calmed my nerves tremedously. :)
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