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My experience with Advanced Aesthetics was...

My experience with Advanced Aesthetics was fantastic. Dr. Feldman and staff did a phenomenal job walking me through what the experience would be like and listened to what I wanted. I was amazed at the level of detail around Dr. Feldman's plan for me after our consultation, which made me feel very confident in his hands. After all, it's a huge decision and you want someone who takes it just as seriously as you do. I felt that I was in extremely good care throughout the procedure as both he and his team were extremely attentive and experienced--not to mention their facility is absolutely top of the line and fully equipped.

It was apparent to me that this is a world-class operation and they truly cared about what I wanted. I spoke to several doctors before finally deciding on Advanced Aesthetics; I ultimately chose Dr. Feldman because it seemed obvious his experience level and patient care was vastly better than anyone else. It really doesn't get any better and I can't recommend him enough!
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