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Been thinking about a BA for over 4 years. Going...

Been thinking about a BA for over 4 years. Going with silicone. I'm a 37 Year old with a 5 year old I nursed for almost 1year. My boobs are like empty bags and I'm tired of falling out of my bras and bathing suit tops. I'm nervous about my surgery and have decided to share my decision with close friends and family. I'm currently a 34B on a good day but have joked I'm more like a 32long. Luckily I have a very supportive boyfriend,friends,and family close by. Any advice or anything I should know or do before my surgery?

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32 long! Ha! You're funny. When is your surgery scheduled for? You might want to check out this forum post about what to set up and buy before your breast aug surgery.

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