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Hi my name is Kristina I am from the ft smith area...

Hi my name is Kristina I am from the ft smith area I am scheduled to have my mommy makeover surgery in October 2013 I chose dr vanderpool because he had such great reviews on his web site I went for my consultation today and absolutly loved him and his staff they are really nice and made me feel comfortable the entire time I was there I am beyond excited I have been wanting this for so long and my dreams are finally coming true.. I will be posting before and after pics soon :)

I'm looking forward to following your journey! Here's a list of supplies you might want for recovery.

Please keep us posted as you get nearer your big day!


Surgery date moved to October 22 :)

So my surgery date has been moved up a week I'm super excited time is really going by fast I can't wait to join all you amazing mommys on the flat side :) as time gets closer I am getting more nervous about the anasteshia it's on my mind all the time lol I hope all this worry and anxiety Is normal.. I will be posting before pics as I get closer to my surgery date..
wondering how you are? Did everything go well? Would love to see pics.
I will be having surgery with Dr Vanderpool in Jan. How did your surgery go? Any pictures? Would love an update. Hope everything went terrific. :) I really like him and his staff also.
I am going Dec. 4th for a MM consult with Dr.Vanderpool. Do you have any advice and I would like to see pics. if you have them. Thanks!
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