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I had fat transfer done to my lips, and laugh...

I had fat transfer done to my lips, and laugh lines around my mouth. Im not happy at all as it was expensive, and my body has already absorbed the fat leaving me with barely anything!


fat transfer to the lips is normally NOT done for two reasons.

Fat is great for transplanting BUT it needs to be stable for awhile. The lips constantly move so it would make it more difficult for the transplanted fat to find a new blood supply.

Be glad it reabsorbed to put a positive spin on this. No permanent filler should ever be used in the lips. The lips are constantly moving and any type of permanent filler turns into hard balls. These balls hurt and can only be removed by surgery.

Around the mouth is the 2nd area a fat transfer is normally NOT successful. A temp filler seems to work best here.

Sorry to hear your story.
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How about laugh line? If a person laugh very often will it cause the fat transfer less lasting?

can you include/add to your post where you had the procedure? Others will certainly want to know?  Also, where in Mexico.  It's a big country!


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