Look Like Mutated Monster Still Huge After 1 Month - Thailand

I wanted to fill in sunken cheeks gaunt look. was...

I wanted to fill in sunken cheeks gaunt look. was told welling would last 3 or 4 days . Now 1 month later still i have to hide away from anyone . the few people i do see say what has happened to your face some think i have had terrible accident. Everyone looks so shocked Even if it ever goes down i am sure the skin will be stretched and more droopy than ever before. I have had a face lift and the after effects of this are much worse and last much longer . Even if it eventually looks ok god knows when . DONT EVEN CONSIDER THIS . NOBODY TELLS YOU THE TRUE AFTER PERIOD THAT YOU WILL LOOK LIKE A BALLOON MUTANT FACE


was told swelling would subside in a few days. Never told that maybe more than months would go by before my face ever will look like a normal human again. the emotional stress loss of work and fear that my face will never return are all too much

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I'm so sorry to hear about your results. How did you select this doctor? Was it a board certified plastic surgeon who did the transfer?

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