I saved my money for a year and half for this...

I saved my money for a year and half for this procedure, and researched my doc, etc.

I have minimal sagging, but the prominent marionette lines really made me self-concious. I specifically wanted those treated, although he pointed out the tear troughs, & a couple of other spots that I agreed would benefit. At the procedure mostly those areas were addressed, I think. The result - I still had HUGE marionette lines - which is what is went in to correct! Later, when I pointed this out - diplomatically as I could - he said he thought they were kind of cute!!! Please!

My face just resorbed pretty much all of the fat. I really have very little fat any way, which turned out to be a problem when harvesting to transfer also. I even ate everything in site & gained 5 lbs.  in an effort to encourage the fat to stay - to no avail.


BOTTOM LINE - If your face is on the lean side to begin with, I do not believe this will help. It has been my experience that our faces just will not hold onto the fat.

Also, my photos really did not impress me. If I look down, every wrinkle is exaggerated (horrifying every time lol), and if I am given a mirror to look UP into, I look ten yrs younger - NOTE TO DOCS - WOMEN ARE AWARE OF THIS!

I still feel sooo much regret for the $1600 I wasted...

Dr. G

Think probably he's a good doc, when it's a procedure he's into (probably like actual surgery), or not rushed -he seemed very rushed. NOT good. I only won't recommend him because I feel that it was pretty OBVIOUS that I could have used some more fat (there was a little in reserve), but I don't think he wanted to bother with it...don't know if it would have helped or not...and the cute wrinkle thing - come on!

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it seems the majority said it didn't work. I had fat to my cheeks three different times. I only had to pay $700 each time because it was with a surgeon who did other work on me. the fat stayed great in some areas but the place I need it, lines across my cheeks, it wouldn't go in those indents, go above, below, still there was no horrofying results. I may try again as a non-smoker cause that helps the cells regain strenght. Or maybe sculptra. Fillers just to temporary to bother.
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thank you for this story about fat transfer...v. helpful. your a doll to share such private info
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