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In my late 50's, I had 3 procedures done....

In my late 50's, I had 3 procedures done. Lower facelift, fat injections to my face, and a skin pinch underneath both eyes. Spent a good deal of time educating myself and searching for a qualified plastic surgeon. Consciously chose not to make cost an issue, as I would have to live with the results. Now 6 weeks postop. Quite happy with the results. Still some slight redness on scars from where the incisions were made and some facial numbness but these two things need months to heal. Frankly, the good doctor took 10 years off my face. I know there are horror stories out there, but if this is a procedure you want, do your homework and don't make cost an issue is my advice.


Hi: I'm thinking of having the same thing and I'm in SanDiego. I've had a similar quote, and interested in who you went to. Please shart. Trina
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So happy you are pleased with your results!  Would you be willing to share/recommend your doctor's name for those in San Diego who are interested?

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I am so happy with the results you got. Who is the doctor in San Diego? Can you please share with us?
Name not provided

He only does faces.

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