Fat Injections - Waste of Money

I had years of fillers such as fashione, collagen...

I had years of fillers such as fashione, collagen & restalyne, which worked very well, but lasted 4 months at $800 each. I was guided by the doctor that fat injections are permanent for 5 years at a cost of $2,500. so to save money and time at the doctors, I did the procedure. The fat dissipated and dissolved in my face after 5 months. I was devasted. Four times the price, same result.

Then, to add insult to injury, the doctor said a 2nd treatment would resolve it for $1,500 (total $4,000)...this was a lot of money for me at the time.

It is outrageously painful, and the 2nd treatment dissolved too. Waste! He is a good doctor, he should just be clear that thin people absorb the fat and this procedure not a value for thin people

Save your money. Fat injections,fat grafting,along with other fillers,do not last.All need to be reapplied at some time after first injection. Usually 3-8 months, and accumulated cost isn't cheap.All are short term,with in one year on the average. I just read where woman whom had previously opted to not have invasive plastic surgery for face lifts, sagging tissue, and creating volume were getting the fillers. Now the practice of fillers has been around for 5 years or more,and those same woman are now opting for the invasive surgery. The cost and permanent results are more effective in the long run with the face-lift,cheek implants surgeries. Risks are always greater. Plastic surgeons were also going into the filler business, because the economy put a strain on many practices. Average face lift cost $6,000-$24,000. Average filler costs $350 -$1,000. Do the math. Cost difference sounded good when times got rough. Fat injections cost more because of the method of harvest. And it doesn't matter if your heavy or thin. Your own health and if your a smoker,can play a part in this and all outcomes. Basically it's the method of harvest,configuration and most of all if the fat cells receive blood supply after injected into area needing the volume. Most do not and die,then absorbed into your system. Live cells will lump,and there are some things one can do for that. Thinner skinned people show lumping more,and of course you must have fat under the skin for new cells to take hold and grow. I personally feel more testing and methods in keeping the cells alive,need to be done.i for one don't have $3,000 to waste every 3-6 months. Now that the economy seems to be getting better,and woman wiser,the surgery(face-lift) is more effective for long term results and plastic surgery is on a comeback. Costs will go up with this raise in surgeries as well. Supply and demand.Notice the average cost of procedures,are no longer listed on this sight. Those costs depend on where you live and who performs the surgery,the physician. FYI,costs do not always reflect the experience and skill of surgeon. That's an old trick some of you still buy. Fillers do help with correcting some issues. Lower lids should not have fat injections.Other filler options are available,along with other alternatives. Read!!The Internet is loaded with medical information on all procedures. New and old. I too had fat injections,and was told I had a 90% chance of them remaining and taking hold. Then in 3 months I watch the fat,along with my $3,000 fade into my skin.I did not have lumps, and massaged the area daily. Now I read everything on any procedure I am looking to have done. If there are percentage rates on effectiveness, cut those in half. Then way the cost, percentage and long term effects.Also side effects, which can cost more than the procedure to fix. There are risks on all procedures.The more invasive the higher the risks. However, it is "YOUR" Responsibility to educate and inform yourself of all and any outcomes. You might surprise yourself and decide it's not worth it,or you can live without this until more studies are done and methods improved.I recently changed my mind, on fat strip grafting, after reading the percentage of effectiveness,risks of negative outcome. My eyes are uneven now, but with this procedure, I could be in bigger trouble.You cannot predict your body's reaction to any procedure,and neither can the surgeon. Whatever one decides,make sure the provider is an experience,board certified,qualified,and experienced surgeon. Skilled in the area you choose to enhance. Sorry, will never bring your face back once it's altered to a negative.
Hi Kathleen, I was thinking of trying Pat Wexler for fat injections. What areas did you attempt to treat? I have been using Restalyne and Juvederm also but am looking for something more long lasting (and less lumpy). My last doctor was pushing fat but he does it in one treatment and the idea of over-correcting doesn't appeal to me.
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