Fat Injections Failed Me

I had the fat injections a few years ago for my...

I had the fat injections a few years ago for my tear troughs. I have always liked the way I looked except for the tear troughs. The injections really helped and made me feel even better about myself while they were there. But with time they faded and I think I have been misled since then.

When the fat injections reabsorbed into my body my tear troughs were even deeper than before. I called the nurse who injected me (she didn’t even remember me) and she said this wasn’t possible. But I know it is because I know what I looked like before and after the injections! She refused to believe me and said she couldn’t fix something that wasn’t there. I didn’t even get a consultation or a chance to prove that I wasn’t lying.

Everyone who knows me or has seen pictures knows that this is a bad result. I also think the fat has made the rest of my face sag somewhat, either a.) Because it was absorbed into the wrong place or b.) Because it stretched out my face. I want to fix this but I don’t want to feel like this again when the injections wear off. All injections are temporary and I am afraid of coming out with even deeper troughs AGAIN.

I don’t want anything drastic and I was never expecting that. But I know that how I look now is not how I looked before and having paid to look better I shouldn’t look like this now.


Thanks Dr. Roger

Maybe this is why so many people are unhappy with this procedure. I had such awesome results in my cheeks. Other areas I still am useing fillers. I know I get good results with them. I find it so exciting that this FAMI is being looked at as well.
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the real problem with fat injection is the underlying muscle anatomy is not taken in account. when you have a tear trough it means that all the fat of the suborbital region has disappear generally it is genetically programmed, it means also that the subcutaneous vascularization is poor and cannot allow the graft to take. The solution is given for 10 years by the FAMI technique (Facial autograft muscle injection). Aiming to the muscles, Levators labii superioris and labii superioris alaque nasi, Levator anguli oris and Zygomaticus minor, FAMI restore the muscles shape and could allow successful injection of the subcutaneous fat pad.

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Now, I am really scared because I would like to get this done in the same area!!! =(
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