Contemplating Revision Rhinoplasty - Farmington, MI

Hi everyone I would really appreciate some advice!...

Hi everyone I would really appreciate some advice! I am contemplating whether or not I want revision rhinoplasty. I have what appears to be a nasal bossae on the right side tip of my nose. It makes it look like one nostril sits higher than the other and my nose looks different on each side of my face.

I had my surgery in August of 2008 and I'm not sure if it is going to continue to get worse. I was looking into an injectable solution, would that even be possible? my surgery was closed and I felt as though the healing process took forever and it didnt even heal correctly unless this was the surgeons mistake. please help!! I can also send individual pictures for professional advice.

Did you go through with the surgery and who did you use or who are you considering? I live in the same area and I am looking for a revision doctor.

Yes, if you'd post a picture, that would really help. And for a better chance of a doctor reading your question, please post in our doctor Q & A community. Definitely include photos in your post, as the doctors can't accept photos emailed individually.

We'd love, in this space, to be kept apprised of your plans though! Good luck!

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