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IPL to Even out Olive Type Skin Tone - Fairfield, NJ

I want to even out my skin tone, it looks dirty. I...

I want to even out my skin tone, it looks dirty. I have an olive type skin tone. IPL didn't hurt at all and I didn't have any redness/swelling/bruising.

Hi, we'll I've been using Ziana, Triaz and Doxycycline for three months and have seen decent results. It has left me with a lot of red mark/ PIH and an overall uneven skin tone. I recently had an IPL treatment and my doctor told me not to use Ziana/Triaz only 24 hours pre and post the treatment. Also, my IPL treatment is only in one week intervals. Is all of this normal. I'm just assuming the IPL is being used on the lowest setting possible. Also, I still have so active acne whilst undergoing this procedure. Thanks.

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