Flipped Up Lid and Swelling Post Surgery

The hardest part has been the healing. I am glad I...

The hardest part has been the healing. I am glad I did it as long as I now that my eyes will even out at some point in the near future! Lol!

I did this after years of watching my upper eyelids get heavier and heavier. This is hereditary and I wanted to avoid the dramatic overhang that my dad and grandmother had in old age.


Hi from what im seeing everything is ok im not an docter , i also got asian blepheroplasty the dst method im 4,5months now and im stil healing my eyes were healing uneven but after the 3th month it went alot better you should have Patience

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I had asian blepheroplasty incisional surgery 3...

I had asian blepheroplasty incisional surgery 3 weeks ago. I have heard that asian eyes tend to swell more and can take longer to heal. My skin is thick and I did have fat removed from the lids. Notice that in my photo, my eyelids are uneven. I do understand that this does happen and is "normal" and it takes months to heal. I'm ok with the swelling but my concern is a flipped up eyelid on my left eye. (I wasn't expecting this.) It was this way immediately after surgery but it has not gone down very much at all. I am trying to be patient but I am concerned and wonder if I should be. From a professional point of view, can anyone shed some light on this flipped up eyelid. Is this normal and have you seen this before?

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