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I was a bit nervous messing around with the eye...

I was a bit nervous messing around with the eye area. I was more tired of answering the question are you tired all too many times. I would catch my reflection in the mirror and see for myself how tired I actually looked. Frustrated, I interviewed doctors until I met Dr. Hess. The rest is a happy ending.


Hi michelle,

I feel you completely. I can't even tell you how much concealer I go through. I would love to have this done. Sounds like you had very little pain and downtime. We'd love to see pictures. 



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Hi Michelle,

such a great news! Do you have a before and after photo? Im planning to see Dr. Hess soon! How long is the recovery period?
Looking forward to hear more details about your success!
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Fairfax Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hess removed the puffy bags from beneath my eyes. I was amazed when i looked at my final result in the mirror. I wished I had not waited so long. I feel much better when i see my reflection these days. I also recommend a face peel.

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