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I got a free sample of Latisse from my...

I got a free sample of Latisse from my dermatologist at my last appointment and I have to say I was super skeptical and would never have tried it if it wasn't free.

I'm half Chinese so my eyelashes are very sparse, short and straight. I've tried 2 other lash lengtheners, enormous lash and revitalash, they both took over 3 months to show results and compared to latisse, they did almost nothing. After only a couple of weeks of using it once a day I felt like my eyelashes were a little thicker, after a month they were noticeably longer and at 1-2 months they were super long and they were curling, I seriously was and am still amazed! So it was super quick and they are way longer than I ever imagined they could be. I love it.

It's been almost 5 months now and I have no noticeable side effects at all, it's weird all these other people are having problems, I usually have very sensitive skin and can only use certain moisturizers and makeup, but the latisse has given me not problems.

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I just started using latisse two weeks ago and I keep looking every day for results -- I am trying to be patient so far not seeing anything but I understand it usually takes at least four weeks to see a difference . . . keeping my fingers crossed
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Hi Jt,

Welcome to the Latisse community! Free, you can't beat that, glad it worked out for you. Some community members mentioned they use a different brush than the one provided, for a more precise application. Did you? Since you were so impressed are you going to continue using in the future? Please keep us updated, and we would love to see pictures if you have them.

Thanks so much for the review,


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