Failed Bleph. Please Use Extreme Caution

I had a blepharoplasty (age 29) in 1985. I...

I had a blepharoplasty (age 29) in 1985. I suffered from the most extreme complications, infection, ptosis, droopy lids. Over the next 11 years more than 17 revisions were performed to correct the deformities stemming from the original failed surgery. Ultimately had a palate transfer, which corrected the drops, but left my lid margins with hair growing onto the cornea, which must be plucked daily to avoid corneal abrasions.

Please use extraordinary care, and I highly recommend using an ophthalmic plastic surgeon.


I had upper and lower bleph - the upper looks fine, it's the lower which looks awful. I used to have fairly good skin on my face - yeah, there were a few wrinkles, but it was manageable with a good moisturizing routine and a bit of filler and Botox. Well it's almost 2 months after my surgery, and now that the swelling has gone down I am left with crepey wrinkly skin under my eyes which is very noticeable when I smile. I look hideous and cannot even smile anymore. I look like I'm a 100! I wish I had never gotten the surgery. I tried a very light glycolic peel (20%) by an experienced esthetician, but the peel only made it worse. I wear excellent moisturizer by pro-Derma and Obagi serum, also a bit of Vitamin E oil, but nothing seems to be working. I'm considering microdermabrasion. I'm desperate as I am visiting my new bf in 3 months and it will be our first face to face contact and I'm scared I will be an old wrinkly mess!
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What about trying more filler in your undereye area? It sounds like that are lacks volume now.
Hi Jimmy, Yes, can you tell us who performed your surgery in London? Is it Dr. Naresh Joshi? Best, Amaxy
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Name not provided

The original surgeon did his best, stood by me, the subsequent surgeon who was supposed to be a specialist, failed me and abandoned me after placing an bacillus infected fat graft which nearly cost me my cheeks and eye and 2 months of hyperbaric treatment and the multiple surgeries. No, I did not sue.

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