Facial Pixel Laser Treatment

I had pixel laser done to my face and under chin...

I had pixel laser done to my face and under chin area about 4 hours ago.  This is my 1st of 3.  I have always prided myself on being able to withstand pain. (2 children delivered with no medication).  This was sooooo painful.  I did not expect it to hurt so much.  I had to make myself continue once we began.

After the laser was finished, I had incredible pain for about 2 hours.  After that, I am doing just fine.  No pain.  Man, that hurt so much.  They wanted me to schedule my next appt today but honestly, I was in so much pain that I wasn't sure I could do another.  I will have to see results in the next week to see if I will be able to do it 2 more times.  I'm no wimp. This just hurts.

I wrote a small beginning of a review, but still is not available..
anyways, I want to continue here

Im on my 5th day of my pixel treatment. Now I feel confident enough to touch my face (specially after yesterdays exfoliation).
It feels so rough, like a mans face starting to grow beard, everywhere.

I guess you need to know I'm 29 years old, will be 30 soon and wanted to make my face look "younger" before my birthday.
To prevent my small wrinkles starting to get more pronunciated. I also wanted to eliminate some stains due to a short period of acne years ago.
Still, my skin is really healthy and I did it just out of pretension..or prevention one might say...

I'm glad you are feeling, a bit better about your skin, I imagine everyday it will only look better and better. When everything is all healed would you want to post a picture?


Hiii Again
and thanks for the support!

Im on my fourth day now and my skin looks slightly better but stil is not as lovely as I wish it was. so,
I still look like texture on pavement, but not so much and I think I deal with that fact better now.
I know Im inpatient and I was even thinking about never going trough this again... but i have tought I'd better finnish all the treatment as it's an opportunity to invest on my skin...

I dont know when I will be able to kiss someone... :O

I feel my skin pulls when I laughg or even open my mouth too much to eat.
I'll be patient...
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very compasionate, knowledgable

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