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It has been 3 weeks since I had a facelift and...

It has been 3 weeks since I had a facelift and chin implant. This is my second facelift in eight years. I decided to get surgery to tighten up my neck and jaw line. The first few days were tough. I couldn't eat because it hurt to chew. My ears were swollen and felt numb. I slept sitting up in bed with many pillows to keep from bruising. There wasn't much pain just discomfort. I had scars behind my ears from the first surgery but my plastic surgeon was able to bring the skin up higher to hide the scars. I now will be able to wear my hair up. He tightened up my neck and the chin implant defined by jaw line. I stay overnight in the hospital (which I suggest you do, if possible) with tubes in my ears. The next morning the tubes were taken out and I went home. I went back to his office one week later to have some of the stitches taken out. Suprisingly I didn't look too bad, I covered my ears with my hair. On the second week I told friends I has visited friends. They said it must have been a good visit because I looked so rested. I am sixty-one and look at least 15 years younger. I enjoy looking in the mirror-it was so worth it.
So glad you had good results. I had a facelift in 96 in Costa Rica and it was best thing I ever did and I am about ready to do it again here in US. It was painful for a few days but I was walking around in one week. I just had argument with brother who says if they don't do your forehead, it is not a real facelift and they didn't do it then nor is it recommended now and am I correct that you did not have your forehead area done? I am curious if your doctor mentioned if he lifted vertically or horizontically and also what kind of procedure did he do on your neck? Thank you for sharing and I wish people would share pictures.If I can figure out how to do it, I will upload mine and share them.
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