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I searched for almost a year for just the right...

I searched for almost a year for just the right doctor, attended seminars, saw several  well known and highly recommended plastic surgeons.  I chose a doctor who only does faces as he gets to work only on his patients face. 

I had a full endoscopy face lift, eyelids, neck surgery and laser on a few spots ( under my eyes and forhead).  Took 8 hours and full anesthesia.  He took lots lof before pictures, showed me a computer image of what I should look like when he is done and gave me a whole,series of vitamins and pills, creams to start taking 2 weeks prior to surgery.  This would decrease swelling, infections and blood flow,  He saw me everyday for the first week at his office and next 2 weeks, 3 times a week. My experieince was a good one and although I had pain for a few days, swelling for 2 months, it was worth it and I got the results I had hoped for.

Naples Facial Plastic Surgeon

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the lady had already told you a name. please read more carefully
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I'm happy to hear of your wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing your story.
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Please let me know the name of the surgeon you used. I am considering a facelift and am close enough to Naples to go there. Thanks
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Hi memann - The provider name is shown at the top of the review. Click the doctor's name for full contact details.

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Thats GREAT AJ..... It feels good to look good, eh?
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I just went back to my plastic surgeon in Naples FL for a check up, 3 years asince the endoscopy facelift. Everyone was astonished on how well I looked, especially when they saw the before pics. They took a newset today..I am going to have some laser surfacing done in a few weeks.
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