Had it performed due to sagging lid - Fabulous Result - Cherry Hill, NJ

Had it performed due to sagging lid that was...

Had it performed due to sagging lid that was beginning to obsccure vision in right eye. I was out and about within 3 days. In church within 5 and back to teaching in 6.

People have commented that I look much younger, more refreshed, and more awake.

Steven L. Davis, DO, FA, COS

Fully explained the procedure. Is extremely competent. One of South Jersey's Top Docs. Great Follow-up.

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Thanks, NJmom. It had been three weeks after your surgery, how is everything goes? I have booked the surgery appointment in May, a bit excited and nervous at the same time. I am trying my best to get all the necessary preparation and post surgery care. Hope everything goes well with my surgery and recovery.
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Thanks, Daisy, for your kind words. I can not imagine how will I feel after the surgery, happy? or regret? I had been praying for His direction to do this surgery. Wihout His words and support, I don't think I can get through all the challenges after the surgery, the family, society, and church. My eyes are very puffy, feeling very hard to open big. People always feels I am sleepy and unenergetic, look quite fierce when I am not smiling. Sometimes, I have headache when I unconciously raise my eyebrows to pull my eyelids upwards to looks brighter. However, I still can read and move easily. The surgery is not a must. May be it will be in the future when my eyelids are too saggy till cover my vision. So, now I am still trying to reason out the needs to have this surgery. May God listen your prayers and forgive you. Blaming yourself does not do any good, why don't you do something to earn His forgiveness? He love each of us and even die for us, He will never let go any of us. May God ease your mind and love you forever.
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I am planning to have Upper Bleph done on both eyes. My eyes are puffy, sagging sideway although I am just 33 years. My church friend does not agree with the Upper Bleph as God had given us this body as it is. We should not do anything to it. We should be fine and satisfy with it. Hope I am not touching about religion, but just wanna to have someone to discusss on this matter. I am still struggling to have the surgery done. Hope to hear from you.
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This is just my opinion, I judge no one. I had upper and lower done 19 days ago. Every day since then I have prayed to God, asking for His forgiveness. Although I do not think it is wrong to have plastic surgery, I do believe that a lot of the problems we see with ourselves are created from what we consistently see on television and in pictures (retouching, lighting, and out and out altering). For example, constantly seeing breast implants could make you start to doubt your own natural breast shape and their attractiveness. The same for the eyes. I know that the results from what I had done are yet to be seen, but I would pay triple what I paid at this point just to be back the way I was. I don't care if it makes me look 19, which I know it won't. There was nothing wrong with my eyes. I am 29 years old, and now I have scars and a much more noticeable size difference in my upper eyelids. I would rather have my "bags" back. Right after I had it done, the nurse wheeled me to my car, and wiped a tear from my eye for me before she stuck me in. When I saw the napkin as she pulled it back away from my eye, I saw that it had blood on it. It was right then that I realized the magnitude of what I had done, and started asking for God's forgiveness. Now, mine was upper and lower, so what you are talking about is not as involved, I hear. I would say that if it is something that REALLY bothers you, every day and you dwell on it every time you see your reflection, then maybe it would be worth it. God does want us to be happy and confident. However, if it is just something that bugs you every now and then, then it is totally not worth what you're putting yourself through. Also, some people's vision is partially blocked due to their hooded upper lids. Would it be any more or less wrong to do it then, if you could actually see God's world better? I think if it bothers you, it bothers you. Speaking for pretty much all plastic surgery procedures, if it makes you a happier, therfore better, person, why not? However, at this point I feel like if I can get through this, I can get through anything. All in all, I can't think of one positive thing that will come from what i've done without it being cancelled out by a negative thing i've created.
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Do reasearch, get a great surgeon and have the surgery. Every day you postpone it is a day you will not feel 100% happy with yourself. Just had this procedure done this week (only uppers)and I'm regretting not doing it sooner. It is really the only thing in my 42 years of life that I've done for myself and I'm so happy I did this. Do it for yourself.
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