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I had upper and lower bleph 2 years ago. I had...

I had upper and lower bleph 2 years ago. I had fat pads under my eyes as well has slight hooding on the upper lid. It has taken 10 years off my appearance. I always looked tired no matter what I did. I did have to have my upper lids repeated 1 year later related to extra skin above one eye. My surgeon is more conservative and would rather have to go back (no charge) and revise than take too much skin off. I did have to be off work for 1 week for the first surgery. I had severe brusing and swelling. I am very fair and do bruise easily. It was done under local with 10 mg po valium pre-op. I did not have to take any prescribed pain meds. When I had my revision last year I opted for no valium and drove myself home. I thought the discomfort was minimal. I do believe if you can only afford one procedure, this would be the one to have done.


I had the same problem with hooded eyes and upper fat above my eyelid. I had surgery 23 days ago and one of my eyes still looks like there's too much fat right below my brow and it kind of hangs over my lid. When I look up towards the outer corner I can see it. The right eye is great. I look in the mirror every day to see if there's any changes but I don't notice any. Also the side that seems that more fat should of been removed is numb. My eye brow doesn't move when I raise them only the right side. I have never had talent of just moving one eye brow at a time but even if I squint only the good side moves, the other one is frozen.
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I live in Cincinnati and am considering the same surgery. Can you tell me who did your work? Thanks in advance, MIM
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I live in the Cincinnati area. Can you tell me the doctor's name?
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