Transcutaneous Lower Blepharoplasty to Remove Fat & Skin Pinch. BIG Mistake for Me

I had a Oculoplastic Doctor to do the Surgery.He...

I had a Oculoplastic Doctor to do the Surgery.He said he needed to do a Musclelift (orbicularis Muscle) to smooth out the lower under eyelid. He said he overlapes the Muscle.

After the Surgery my Eyes looked Asian looking for Months. He had them pulled outward with dissolvable stitches that took months to dissolve. But from Day 1 my vision has change,Dry Eyes,Redines in both Eyes.itchy and they just dont look right.The outer Corner Scars look long and Deep.Everyday Morning i have to Blink to get my Eyes working.Its all from the outer Corners getting Cut into.Its 3yrs Now and i still have the Same issues. All the Doctor tells me is that he does this type of surgery all the time.And im getting older and its Not from his Surgery.I NEVER had these Problems before him.I went to a Oculoplastic Doctor so i didnt get these problems. It goes to show you Stay away from these Guys. All they do is Tap Dance after they Mess you up.


Sorry to hear that your surgery did not go well. Please let us know who your surgeon was so that those of us interested can be informed. Thanks
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Yes,me too. Messing with the obicularis is a huge huge mistake. This procedure is fraught with complications. Thinking that you will get a surgeon to admit his mistake is entering the realms of fantasy. They never admit they are wrong. Go and get another opinion. In fact get several more opinions.
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Sorry to Hear that about your Surgery. Its 2011 and going from the Front and cutting is Not good. I don't know why these Doctors still do it this way. Way too INVASIVE and the Eyes just dont look good afterwards. So many people are getting messed up. With Droopy,Dry,Red Eyes.
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Im sorry i listened to this Dcotrs Direction in this Surgery. I knew about disrupting the orbicularis Muscle and going through the Outside of the Eyes. BUT this Doctor said it was No big deal and he does it all the time. He said the Scars will be Small.When i move my eyes around and can feel alittle tightness in the outter corner and air going into the corner too. Now my Eyes Hurt every Minute of the day. He really gave me BIG problems that i Never had. With the Surery he did on me he Disruted the Natural movement and look of the outer Corners. Plus my Eye skin/eyes are always red looking. The eyes look like theyre alway inflamed.

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