Should Have Done It Long Ago. Love the Result

My upper eyelids have been puffy and drooping more...

My upper eyelids have been puffy and drooping more and more since I was in my twenties. At fifty, they were almost obscuring my eyes. I had an upper eyelid surgery to remove excess fat and skin; not a whole lot of pain. Looked like a horror movie for a week, was back at work in 10 days. Now I can see my eyes, and people really do say, 'you're not wearing you're glasses anymore' (never did). Looking at old photos I can't believe I did not do it earlier. One tip, find a doctor who is also an eye surgeon for non-plastic surgery patients - ie they really know about eye function as well as cosmetic appearance. Safer, and I believe, better results. Also, since they also fix damaged eyes, they aren't into telling you all the other things you 'need' done, as are (some) purely cosmetic surgeons.

can you recommend the name of this doctor? I would like to have a surgurgical procedure for under my eyes and I had heard the same thing from many people.(not to trust cosmetic surgeons with the surgery of the eyes) Thank you!
Dr R Weiss

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