Great Results, but Took Some Getting Used To...

My upper eyelids were extremely heavy along with...

My upper eyelids were extremely heavy along with very puffy lower lids. I had to constantly hold my eyebrows up in order to see properly, and this caused a certain amount of muscle strain. My lower eyelid bags caused me to look like I had permanent circles under my eyes, even though there was no skin discoloration there. Therefore, I had both an upper and lower bleph done. It has been 5 months since the surgery and I couldn't be happier. Pain was non-existent, but recovery was long and rocky. I had swelling that took weeks to go away even though I slept with my head elevated each night. I went back to work after 1 week, but really looked frightful and should have waited 2 weeks. When the swelling did go away I still had scarring to deal with, but not too bad, and they continue to fade. I also have slight numbness at the top of my forehead, but it is getting better. I now look fantastic (in my opinion) and when I see old pictures of myself, I wish I had done this sooner. And surprisingly, it has been difficult to get used to looking so vastly different. I am starting to get comfortable with my reflection now, but it has taken some time. I would recommend this procedure to anyone based on my experience, but be prepared to have doubts, and realise that a surgery is still a serious undertaking.


Where did you have this done?
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