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Since birth I've have always had heavily...

Since birth I've have always had heavily hooded eyes that had large fat pads beneath them thanks to my mom's genetics in the family. At 22 yrs old people said I looked 10 years older, and I would strain my eyes constantly to open them wider that caused migraines. I made the decision to get an upper blepharoplasty. I spent a year researching the procedure as well as doctors, and certifications on medical state boards and found one I trusted after three consultations.

In the end, it was perfect! I got beautiful natural results.

Pain was very very minimal for me, but I was very diligent in following every doctors orders to the tea, as well as doing my own research about recovery. No one knows I had anything done but I always get complimented on my eyes!


I'm wondering if the cost you stated is your out of pocket cost, or total including any insurance payments??
Thanks a ton
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It was all out of pocket, there were no insurance payments at all. I paid cash up front after saving a good while.

Thank you for sharing your tips on finding the right eyelid surgery doctor.  Are you comfortable sharing the name of your doctor given your great outcome?  I know others are going to ask!

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Its been a couple years since I have posted and it...

Its been a couple years since I have posted and it is still the best thing I ever did. The results are still wonderful and no one things I have ever had anything "done". Be safe everyone.


It was out of pocket, I saved for a good while because i didn't want the stress of debt after doing something empowering for myself.
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Best advice: 1. Find a specialist for what you want, not just a general doctor. 2. Do your research on your doctor by looking at your state medical boards to see if there are pending lawsuits against them, certifications up to date, and what schooling they have had. 3. Don't go for cheaper, never cut costs when it goes to your health, be wary if they offer a ''deal'' 4. Be informed yourself about all the negative side effects than can possibly happen and ask yourself if your willing to live with that, if you are then your finally prepared to do it.

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