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I didn't want to look different just better and...

I didn't want to look different just better and all I saw were movie stars with strange appearing eyes, eyebrows and who know what else.

I was nervous and yet looked tired all the time; it became difficult to apply eyeliner because by the end of the day the line was on my upper eyelid area and I finally spoke with some friends who guided me to meet with Dr.R. He answered all my questions and although he pointed out it is surgery he has his office set up the way he would want it if he was the patient. Safety first he said. I think highly of him and his attention to details.


Was the total cost for just your upper lids or did you do upper and lower?
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Can I give you my email and have you send me the name of the dr you are referring to?
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I am interested in getting an eyelid surgery. Reading about others' experience will help me in choosing the right doctor and have an idea how much the procedure will cost. I live near Seattle, WA. Thank you.
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Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Excellent surgical skills; safe and CLEAN office and Operating room.

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