Eye Brow Lift May Not Improve Crows Feet

5 1/2 months ago, I had a brow lift procedure...

5 1/2 months ago, I had a brow lift procedure including lower eyelid incisions to improve the midface area.

Given realistic expectations, I see the improvement of the lower eye area and even the folds around nose and mouth. Recovery of scars and fluid build up around the crowsfeet seems to take a lot longer than I had expected. I had very teary eyes for at least 10 weeks with considerable blurriness. Pain was tolerable and well managed with Hydrocodone.

I came into the consultation with my doctor complaining about crowsfeet and deepening wrinkles around nose and mouth. I didn't need a full face lift because my skin is nice and jawline well defined. Plus I already had a face lift done by the same doctor about 12 years ago which was extremly successful. He recommended a browlift over eyelid surgery but didn not educate me enough about the subject of crowsfeet and how neither blepharoplasty nor browlift will necessarily improve them.

I actually think that they are even more visible at this point because the lifting of the upper face area pulled them up just a little bit into a postition where they are more noticable. Combined with the very slow healing to a completly normal look, I'm beginning to get impatient and wonder whether the investment of nearly $8000.- was overall worth it.

The scars from the incisions on the lower eyelids are still quite prominent after almost 6 months now. Is there a product or treatment I can apply to reduce or eliminate them. I hear there are scar creams and such but I'm not sure how effective they really are for incisions like this.

There is a product that does that and is nonsurgical eye lift basically. It was created by plastic surgeons called the Eye Rid. Bad news is that they are often sold out.
My mother did not go to the same doctor as mentioned though.
My mother had tightening of her lower lids also, and had bad scars. Almost looked like she was burned. She looked better before. If we had known this, she would not have had any work done where there would be cutting of the lower lids.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I have a good rapport with this doctor and he has done several procedures that I was extremly happy with.

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