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About a year ago I went in to a highly rated skin...

About a year ago I went in to a highly rated skin care clinic in downtown Seattle and had Thermage done to the lower half of my face. This was the most painful experience, next to childbirth, I have ever experienced! I literally sobbed through most of the procedure and I have been told that I have a high tolerance for pain. I would never have this done again, nor would I ever recommend it to anyone. I hardly saw any difference. I felt like I had just been tortured like a prisoner of war!

I had the procedure a year ago on my face and forehead. It completely ruined my skin tone. I've lost all the firmness - as if all the fat dissolved. Isn't interesting how they now "recommend" thermage for fat loss in the stomach, thighs buttocks? So why the hell are they still doing the procedure on the FACE? Only a fool would still consider having the procedure after reading these comments. I could care less about the money/cost aspect. I want my face back. If anybody knows how to replenish the fat NATURALLY please comment
Sounds like you and I have had the exact same experience. We survived being a prisoner for over an hour or more! I had thermage done on my stomach a few weeks ago.....oh my GOD....it was absolutely horrible....I too sobbed the whole time. It was explained to me that it would be somewhat hot and might be painful but no worries because they assured me it would be tolerable. They even showed me a chart that had five different pain levels. The whole reason they don't put you to sleep is so they will not burn your skin. They can't judge the results as far as the burning or disfiguring of the skin unless they have you awake and you can tell them so they don't go to that point! Well in my situation, they may as well and I wished they would have, put me to sleep. My pain tolerance is pretty good but it was brutal!!! I was telling the Dr. that this was to much and I told him I can't take it anymore! He stopped for a 30 second delay and then continued over and over again. I could not do anything! I could only cry, I couldn't move, I was drugged with Demerol and some type of other medication. He got me a tissue and I was able to wipe my tears! But he continued as I cryed for over an hour and a half. After all that, I have not had a good turn out. I have severe blistering and indentations, from loss of fat in more places. My stomach looked ok before. I only had a little wrinkling of my stomach skin due to the aging process. I only way 124 pds. I was told that body thermage would be ideal for me because I really didn't have much body fat but loosing of my skin. It's only been a few weeks but even if I had amazing results, I would never ever do this again, not even if they put me to sleep. It has changed my skin tone and even a suntan or spray tan, doesn't help. It has taken pigment out. I researched this for 2 years before I decided to do it. All I could find on the internet prior to doing this is good things! I think I typed in the search field, risk instead of complaints.....hmmmm. To anyone reading this please please don't try this. I wish I didn't!! It is not worth it.
I am sorry I cannot give out the name only because this doctor is one of my clients. I am a life insurance agent. Injections work much better!
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Did not provide proper pain medication advice.

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