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Experienced "Dermal Filler Junkie" Tries Juvederm

I'm a dermal filler junkie, and I love trying all...

I'm a dermal filler junkie, and I love trying all the new products when they come onto the market. I don't like looking old, so I can't stop wrinkles and lines fast enough. I've used Radiesse as my preferred dermal filler in the past, but my doctor was one of the first in the country to get Juvederm and she recommended it highly. She said I wouldn't notice the difference, so I decided to give it a go and see what happened.

My nasolabial folds are a real problem area for me, and this is a "must do" area whenever I go. The results with Juvederm are fantastic, and the area looks very different. It's amazing, and I can't wait to see how long it lasts (I was not pleased with how long Restylane lasted; Radiesse was better for that and my doctor has promised me the same results with Juvederm). I'm expecting it to last about a year.
On the same trip I also had the creases under my eyes filled in with Juvederm. This is a new one for me! The swelling was pretty intense for the first few days because it's a thin, sensitive area, but the end result is that the area is a tiny bit puffy, just enough to lift that area up and get rid of the crease. I think I'm the only one who notices swelling anyway so I'm not too worried about doing it again!

My doctor is amazing. I have been going there for over two years now to get minor touch-ups on my face (no major surgery for me), and I am very pleased with the results from Juvederm. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next and new in the anti-aging world!


nasolabial lines and lips (for vertical lines only - not for volume). I too have one "ball" (for lack of a better term) inside my mouth, right, bottom lip. One small "ball" at/right above lip line right, top lip. Went back to doctor for the small ball on top, since its not on the inside of my mouth, thus showing (though I think I'm the only one who notices). Dr. injected something to reverse the effects, but it did not work. Also, on of my nasolabial lines which we filled looks as though we never did it. Can't help but wonder if my doc is better at botox...
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Would you please give me the name of your doctors? Thanks.
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this problem may be common when pracitioner does not know how to correctly inject the product. The best technique for NL folds is the "cross-hatch" technique that results in smoothness, uniformity and natural youthful look without lumps or bumps. It seems that your dr just injected along the length of the fold, which can be a problem.
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