Expensive Facial - Done It 30 Times to Soften Fine Lines

I saw no real difference despite having this done...

I saw no real difference despite having this done at least 30 times (if not more). My skin did look brighter as it would with any facial but costs double the price.

I hoped it would soften fine lines but this did not help at all, it did help some pigmentation that I had but as soon as I went in the sun it came back worse!

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I've moved your post to the microdermabrasion section. Cheers. :) --Sharon
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Yes you are right. I did not realise that there was a another treatment of same name! Anyone with pigmentation try a lightening gell by dcl. American company who I came across in a skin clinic. Excellent results and only cost £33!.
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You sure you didn't have MICRO-dermabrasion? Because dermabrasion-which this topic is about- is massively painful, takes weeks to recover from and you can't show your face in public for many, many days and you CERTAINLY cannot have it done 30 times. Most people opt for once, twice at most. It sounds like what you had was MICRO-dermabrasion. Totally different thing, (and yes, completely worthless for correcting skin problems the way.)
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This topic is about Micro-dermabrasion NOT DERMABRASION.
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