Expectation, Now and 3-4 Months from Now?

Pros: Not as much post-procedure pain, if any,...

Pros: Not as much post-procedure pain, if any, that I expected. Very minor incisions.

Cons: Very uncomfortable feeling, loud high pitch sound in ears during the procedure. Some points of the procedure I experience, sharp acute pains, of which subsided.

Why: Lost over 50lbs naturally, I had some hard to target areas like flanks, and low abs I wanted to removed.

My doctor removed a little over 700cc during my Vaser Liposuction in lower abs and flanks. As of now, 3 days post op, those areas visually look the same as they did before the procedure. Am I to expect more a more shapely look after a period of time? I was told about 3-6 months for full results. It's just hard for me to think I can go from the way I look now, to the way I expect to look. Thanks in advance.

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I'm 7 days out and I must be honest with you and myself. I don't plan to see results that wow me until about 6 months from me. I say this because I have the expectation that I'm not going to feel like my abdomen is going to slide off when I take off my compression garment and I see NO lumps or swelling. This to me is the final result and I have been told 6 months. So I've resigned myself to this.
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I had Vaser liposelection on my inner and outer thighs. I am 3 weeks post-op and see a HUGE difference. I have gone done 2 pant sizes. My doctor said I would see results at 2 weeks (which I definitely did) and 3 weeks (which I have). I was very swollen for the first 7-10 days.
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