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Expensive but Works - Florida

I am not a candidate for any invasive proceedure...

I am not a candidate for any invasive proceedure but had a belly roll that exercise and starvation couldn't budge. I had been saving for Zeltiq then Exilis came to one of the most respected plastic surgery offices in town.

I had 4 sessions on upper and lower abdomen ($400/session/area). It does get hot but is totally bearable kind of like a hot stone massage and no where near as hot/painful as Thermage (which I had on my face years ago). I have lost several inches from my stomach area and am pleased with the result BUT not $3,200-worth of pleased. If it were less expensive, I would do it again.


Hi FLworkingmom,

First off I must comment how I love that you said you had a belly roll that "starvation couldn't budge" it made me laugh, because I think we've all felt that way. I can see how the price would deter you a bit, but for great results, I imagine it's worth it. Pictures would be cool, if you have them. Please keep us updated.

Happy Wednesday tomorrow and thanks for the review,


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state of the art all the way plus friendly staff

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