Excruciating Pain - Inadequate Info

My procedure took 3 hours, with a zillion...

My procedure took 3 hours, with a zillion novacaine shots...no pain killers. Several times I jumped out of the surgical chair.  It was Excrutiating, and remained so for over a week. 60% of results of real lift, with 100% or more of the pain!  Don't I feel foolish. I should've been asleep for this.

Only rosy sided info is given before hand. They give you further details and printed warnings after procedure as you are walking out the door. Aide removes stitches, not doctor. AFTER stitches were removed more papers are given, telling it may take 6-12 months for full healing. Where was that info before surgery??? Where was a doctor to look at the work?

It is now 8 weeks. I'm numb, swollen, discolored, and still in some pain.

Great idea. Really bad way to get there.

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I cant believe anyone who's been on this site, or...

I cant believe anyone who's been on this site, or infomercial scam site is still even considering a Lifestyle Lift. We are not fake reviewers. There is nothing in it for us...except to save others from the horrors we've been through. We cannot get our money back. Lifestyle Lift does not give refunds.We cannot seem to get TV time. They are huge advertisers on TV and in media so networks are thwarted in their airing of negative pieces. They have a huge legal staff, so individual lawyers are not willing or able to take them on.This is one of the few places we have to warn others. I so wish I knew of  sites like this before I jumped into this mess.

The pain is horrific. The results are minimal at best . Often the results are even more horrific than the original pain. Many of us have permanent pain, disfigurement. Many of us require "real" surgeons to repair the damage done by Lifestyle Lift so called doctors.

PLEASE... do not proceed. Wait for a real lift. Try Botox or a nonsurgical method. Whatever else you choose-DO NOT GET A LIFESTYLE LIFT!!!!


Was wondering who you had for your surgeon? Thanks
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Hi, I don't know how I missed you post before but I am sorry for all the pain and suffering that you have been through. It sounds like a repeat of my experience. I wish I had found realself before I had my LSL done and I can guarantee you that I would not have stepped foot in their office much less entertained the thought of having a procedure done with them. My procedure was almost 2 years ago. And still I can remember it like it was yesterday. I agree with you whole heartedly about why women keep coming on here wanting to know a doctor in their area that will do their LSL procedure. The real closer for LSL is the money and they are working the "AGE" angle. If people would only check, they would find that like procedures preformed by ABCPS would run withing a couple of hundred dollars -- FOR LIKE PROCEDURES done under local anesthesia. If they only really knew what the consequences could be. For the lucky ladies that did fare well, I am happy for them. It is a shame that LSL has turned their company into a marketing mogul instead of a viable company willing to help women as they state in their infomercials and literature. What has happened to the American Spirit??? Are we all selling out for money? If any person is considering the LSL, please get a 2nd opinion and tell the doctor what you are doing and with whom so you can make an informed decision.
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My procedure was in Little Falls. I did not have a lot of pain during the procedure. Recovery about 10 days. Happy with my face. Was not happy with my neck afer a few weeks. I paid a second fee to have my paltysmal bands removed. Scar with pleats at each end result. Went to another plastic surgeon who found about three things done incorrectly to my neck. It will not cost me $4600 to repair. LSL will repair the pleats but only after I sign a release, I don't feel comfortable signing. If they did this to me without a release, what will happen if I hold them harmless.
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