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I had a tummytuck on March 5, 2009. I am 39 years...

I had a tummytuck on March 5, 2009. I am 39 years old and I have two grown daughters and felt it's moms turn to do something for me. I am 5'5 and 118lbs. I am a skinny women. I decided to get a tummytuck because of loose skin and bad stretch marks after two childbirths.

Day 2, I vomitted even though I tried really hard not to had a lot of acid in my stomach. After I vomitted I actually felt better. I stopped taking Rx pain medication day 2, just take acetaminophen now for discomfort.

Day 5, went back to PS for postop check and they could not take drain tubs out yet. He also said I had some fluild retention in my upper abdomen. He told me to make sure I wear my binder up higher and to make sure I try and pull up with arms and use legs rather then my abdomen. He sensed I was still straining a bit. I go back again fri March 13th.

Day 6, I think I slept wrong in my reclined position because today it strains when I take a deep breath today and woke up in middle of the night feeling like I strained something. Just taking it easy today.

Only weird feeling is the swishing feeling in my abdomen when I get up or move around. I feel little lumps on abdomen too but will bring all concerns up on the 13th.

Have no regrets thus far and excited to see final results after full recovery. Will updated again shortly.

I have my consultation tomorrow for a tummy tuck in Lancaster,PA. Im no where near getting the surgery but am sooo afraid of the risks..The worst part for me would be getting put to sleep. I only have once and was fine but it still freaks me out. I get it in my head that I swear im gonna die!! But I am 20 with 2 boys who were 8.5lbs and have a loose belly which I HATE..it makes me very insecure and I just feel ugly when im around anyone. Could you give me any advice and was it JUST a tummy tuck you got or was there more? And im assuming you were seen by Levin??
Thank you so much for your comment. Congratulations on your surgery date April 16. The first week is brutal but after that it does get better. Make sure you have people around to help you. Any questions you have feel free to ask me.
Thank you for the recap, please keep them coming. I am 36 years old, 5'5" and 150lbs..which fits my frame well. I have my TT and BA scheduled for April 16th, so I've been stalking all of the TT boards to hear recounts from others. Thank you for yours!
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Yes, he explained the procedure very well and has a excellent reputation in this area. He also did my breast augmentation back in 2003.

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