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I am 50 years old with very bad sun damage to face...

I am 50 years old with very bad sun damage to face and neck. Many freckles and age spots. Very conscious of them and constantly wear makeup to cover them and I am sick of having to do so.

Have started a course of 5 fraxel treatments. Have only had one so far and found the procedure hurt but could put up with it. No pain, no gain. Hardly any swelling. Gritty feel to face lasted about 3 weeks but unnoticeable to anyone else. Have already noticed a lightening of some age spots.

I am looking forward to seeing the results after the next treatment but am not looking forward to the procedure.


Had fraxel laser five times and found that my skin texture improved but my pigmentation was none the wiser and so not that impressed. I also went and had the chemical peel on chest and was expecting the results to be amazing but again much improved but not excellent. After 2 months I still have slight pinkness to skin and the peel was the most painful post-op experience I have ever had. Some dark pigmentation went but not all and will now try and get my hands on very strong lightening creams. If any one knows of any please let me know. I have wasted a lot of money but no-ones fault but own but along the process have learnt alot. Everyone also is different in their results and expectations too.
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im got very dark pigmentation can fraxer laser help full ?
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I'm living in Autralia and thinking of having fraxel treatments, do you know any good doctor in Sydney?
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Dr Michael Molton

He is confident and professional in his manner and also very highly trained and very understanding and the staff are very easy to talk to.

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