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I'm 5'5'' and weigh about 127. I work out pretty...

I'm 5'5'' and weigh about 127. I work out pretty hard at least 4 times a week and eat relatively healthy. My friends would have never thought I would need a procedure like this, but I never felt totally comfortable with my love handles. My lower abdomen was also just protruded a little and was very difficult to get ride of it through diet and excercise alone.

After doing a lot of research, I scheduled three consultations. The physician I chose was very confident. He was comfortable with my expectations and was able to tell me what to generally expect given my body type.

The procedure was almost painless. I only took pain medication that first day. It is now day 9 and I'm almost back to 100% (with respect to energy, and comfort). The first three or four days I felt some discomfort. The sensation felt like (excuse the painful imagery) really chapped lips being stretched enough to crack at some part or point. This is because the holes from where the laser was inserted were scab-like and if you move your body in a way that it stretches it, then you will feel the pain.

Anyway, I am very happy with the results. The discomfort was minimal and the procedure was worth the money. I will wear the compression garment for another couple of days and switch to Spanx for several days thereafter. Overall, I should be able to go compression garment free in less than a week from now.


Hi, is almost a year from 8/5/2009 so how is your body now and do you still will recommend the precedure? did you get any of the permanent lumpiness that some of the people describe? I'm worry about permanent effects that won't go away after the precedure. Thanks!
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UPDATE ON SMART LIPO- 3+ MONTHS My body has never looked better! Overall, I doubt I lost a lot of weight, but the inches in the places like my love handles and hips has dramatically decreased! I used Maderma to treat the small scab-like scars and now, there are no signs of scars. Every single one of my friends has noticed the change in my body shape! Everything I wear looks so much better! I am more than happy to provide anyone with answers to anything re: this treatment. My procedure went so smooth and the results have been so amazing that I support this treatment provided by my doctor 100%!!
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Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

He is very experienced (among the first doctors involved in the testing stage of laser lipo many years ago).

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