First time I had a filler done for folds from my...

First time I had a filler done for folds from my nose down to lips.  Thought it was painful, but I hate needles........

Did not have any measureable results..........just a slight "thickening" at the sides of my nostrils.  Folds still there.

Went back to show doctor....she said, "Well, you really need Juvederm because Evolence  won't 'lift your folds up."  Swell, why did she think it would or recommend Juvederm?

Offered to do Juvederm in another area (around cheekbones) for $500+ instead of the usual $1,000.  I can't afford this especially for a 4 mos. longevity.

Very disappointed.


It's not so much who does it here, it's getting the right product. Evolence is not that great; save your money. I can recommend a dr. who did my facelift in Charleston. He does injections and is considered 4****. I should have had him do my treatments, and go along with his recommendations. Let me know if your interested in seeing him. Surely, there must be good doctors in Columbia...
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Hi I live in Columbia SC and would appreciate if you could tell me where you went, so I can avoid going there. I want to find an experienced Dr. doing Juverderm and Evolence. Thank you very much for your help.
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Name not provided

Too much $$$$

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