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The Result Was Flawless. Loved It.

I have used different products over the last 15...

I have used different products over the last 15 years, and this was the one with the best results that lasted the longest. No bumps or uneveness,and lasted 1 year, but hurt a little more than the other products. I used this when living in Belgium, and have been waiting for it to arrive in the US. I would like to know know where I can now have these injuections by an experienced professional either in Las Vegas Nevada or in Los Angeles.

Go with someone else. It's very iffy and I don't think many doctors here know what their up against with it's side effects...
Definitly dont take the chance!! you ,like me will live to regret it!! If you have had another sucessful filler,stick with it. Its just too much of a risk when its your face,you cant exactly hide it for long..Im totally raging that I wasnt informed there was a chance this could happen to me!I would not have taken the risk and I dont think you should!!
Did you have Evolence done? And, if so, what happened? I am just now considering it. But maybe not!!!

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