Run to Get This....but Make Sure You Have a Good Injector!

5 weeks ago, I had two tubes of perlane in...

5 weeks ago, I had two tubes of perlane in nasal/labial folds; very painful and tons of brusing.for something that was supposed to last 4-6 months, 1/2 of the product had already disengrated.

i had read about evolence, and was willing to try it, and i must say i am amazed. NO BRUISING! i was shocked. it looks incredible, and i am very pleased. there are no bumps, and the collegen should be fully integrated into the skin in 4 weeks. so for those of you who have lumps, there is hope.

i will totally do this again. and for those of you who have experienced problems, please please please check out the skills of your injector....this makes all the difference in the world.

Had a top dermo do it; but went to my plastic surgeon & he said she used it in the wrong place on me; should have used juvederm. Thank god it didn't last longer than 6 weeks.
I just had my first Evolence last Friday and I have to say this has got to be the most awesome filler ever! I just wished my MD would have used just a little numbing cream.....To anyone hating Evolence, it's not the product, its the injector Ladies!! So ask questions. Remember it's your Face.....
A special made me go for this. 150 US for a syringe! Normally I do restylane. Had Evolence injected on chin and right cheek for a slight depression as well as nlfs. I also had some on my right hand and to correct a scar on my leg. Looked great, but after a few weeks I developed an allergy and got acne and granuloma on my right side of the face, which I finally have been able to correct by using accutane. It took 5 months to correcty, and was only fully resolved when I started accutane, for two weeks. Was great for the body though, but didn't last long on me. My body doesn't agree with it
Austin Dermatologist

amazing injector...going to him for years, have tried everthing with no problems.

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