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Had evolence injected into my lips, had restaylene...

Had evolence injected into my lips, had restaylene before and loved it. My surgeon advised me that evolence would last longer but the main thing was that it would not make my lips swell for 3 days like restaylane does.

Evolence did not make my lips swell, but hated the result not natural looking at all, just looked like I had a fat tyre around the outside of my lips, absolutely hated it but the worse thing is this was 21 months ago and I would say that I still have about 75% of it still there. Have spoken to my surgeon about it and she kept saying that it will disappear, but this has not been the case.

I have now written a letter saying I want answers, why I am the only one that 21 months down the line still have 75% of this filler still in my lips. Never, ever again.

Thanks for this comment, I have now gone back to my physician with photos and asked her to get in contact with the evolence manufacturer for answers on why after nearly two years I still have 75%/80% still in my lips. Will this ever go away. She did actually give this to me as a free sample as she was given some samples from the manufacturer claiming it was good for lips with no swelling. I am not sure how long she had this sample but I do normally trust her. Luckily I do not have any ugly lumps or bumps, I just do not like the slightly un-natural look. All I want to know is if it will go away and when and why she would be advised to inject into lips if it is not for this purpose. Hopefully I will have answers from manufacturer soon and keep everyone posted.
Same boat, in that I had this done two years ago and it's still mostly there. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. Although they're not really visible, I can *feel* some small bumps under the skin. I wish they'd dissolve and go away.
I've been advised by several highly qualified plastic surgeons that Evolence is not for use in the lips. That might be the source of your trouble. Perhaps that's the source of the problem
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Received no answers or help when complained

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