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Stay Away Unless You Want Bumps!!

I have used restalyne and juvederm but my plastic...

I have used restalyne and juvederm but my plastic surgeon wanted to use evolence as it is supposed to last longer.  He injected the areas around my mouth the "commas" and filled in some acne scars on my chin.  Within minutes i had lumps and bumps which he told me to put ice and to massage.

Stay away from this product it is not worth the money and will make you look worse than you did before.

Do not know how long the lumps will last but the PS said about 3 weeks.  Had I read these reviews before procedure I would have stuck with juvederm!!

I got Evolence 16 months ago and wasn't happy with the results. Definitely not worth the money, and when I smile you I now have a double line at the sides of my mouth, where the line of Evolence is. I thought it would dissolve/degrade by now, after 16 months. Is there any chance it is permanently there? I hope not. Please post if your Evolence took longer than 12 months to go away and when did it finally dissolve. I need to know if I can still hope that one day it will be gone!
I think we're all screwed. I don't think improperly injected Evolence will EVER dissolve. I had it injected about a year and two months ago for my nasal labial folds. I also have a double line when I smile and the Evolence "worm" when I pull my check skin taut. It has not gotten any smaller and I believe it will be there FOREVER. What would make it suddenly dissolve if it hasn't dissolved YET???? The answer is: probably nothing. So the lump will stay there while our face naturally changes with age and sooner or later it will become very obvious and unsightly and totally embarrassing. GREAT! I wish my doc wouldn't have touted it because it was cheaper than Juvederm. I would have gladly paid more if he'd have been honest and said he didn't really know much about it. Stupid me.
The Evolence experience was terrible for me. The sales rep for Evolence was in the dr's office on the day I had the injections. She said that there "may be lumps" but only last a short time. My dr said the same--possibly one month until it was absorbed. However, 2 months later and the lumps/bumps are even worse than before. I don't think the bumps will go away. My dr said that I should massage them every night to get rid of the product! Evolence customer service "nurses" who I spoke to could have cared less. This is my first experience with face tretments and probably my last. Should have given the money to charity.
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