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Had my first treatment on 3/13. Had my lovehandles...

Had my first treatment on 3/13. Had my lovehandles area done. Received 35 injections on each side. The injections didn't hurt just a prick feeling in the tender areas. Very itchy about 20 minutes after injection. Swelling start that night. Felt bruised. Next day major swelling feeling less bruised. Third day swelling going down. Only brusied feeling when I took the girdle off and the swelled areas jiggled. Fourth day everything is great. I swear I am starting to see results already. Still slightly swollen in the tender areas. No actual bruising appeared during the whole thing. $1700 for 6 treatments. UPDATE: Second treatment done. Lost 7 pounds and 1" off my waist line after 1st treatment. Very happy. This second time the swelling and tenderness was less. yeah!

UPDATE: Third treatment done. I only waited 2...

UPDATE: Third treatment done. I only waited 2 weeks between the injections this time. Much more sore and swollen. Lost 0 lbs but lost 1/2" after the second treatment. Still happy. I start my second area in 2 weeks.
May I ask where you went for your procedure and was it recommended that you wear a girddle and what kind? I ask because I went to Monarch in Maryland and they told me not to wear a girddle. My swelling didn't start to go down until two weeks after my first treatment and I don't feel like I lost any lbs. or inches. Maybe it depends on what area is being treated. I had my mid abdominal area done,3 treatments for $1500 and that was a sale. Boy did you get a deal or did I get robbed?????
Sounds like you got robbed. I went to SonaMed Spa. 6 treatments for $1700. I was told to where my girdle or Spanx for atleast 48-72 hours. Your suppose to wear the girdle to keep your skin tight during the fat ell blow up stage. I was going to go to Monarch. Glad I didn't. I had my love handles treated.
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