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After suffering from acne breakouts in nothing but...

After suffering from acne breakouts in nothing but cystic form, trying every medication over the counter and through the pharmacy, and after dealing with my painful breakouts long enough, I decided it was high time I do something about it since I became immune to one of the antibiotics, tearing up my stomach through me wanting to go through even more antibiotics, and just tired of having a straight up pizza face. I contemplated Accutane for many reasons, and I think it was the fact that if I do nothing now, I will have many repercussions later and may have to undergo a lot of procedures to get my skin at least looking normal. Throughout my first and second month, acne got much worse. I refused to pick my face though because I did once, and it bled for hours. On my third month, my skin magically became clearer, but not all of the way, and it was not until month four where I was able to see my face that has been hidden all of these years! :D I am now finishing up month five with absolutely nothing on my face, chest, or back. My pores are much much smaller, I am no longer in pain- it's been incredible. Since my main and only concern with starting Accutane were the side effects, I will go ahead and share MY OWN side effects... Nose bleeds (some lasting at least 45 minutes), persistent flaking and dryness of the skin, SEVERELY chapped lips (never ever in your five-six months be without it), dry hands, chapped knees and elbows, some joint pain (probably just from past injuries), minor lower back pain, drowsiness... It does work though. I plan on jumping back onto Retin-A Micro after my treatment to keep my results where they stand, if not improve them. My biggest go-to's however were Creme La Mer, Aquaphor, Blistex, and a ton of deep conditioner (my hair got super dry, so honestly, I never shampooed it).

hey! i am on my 3rd month of accutane. I was just wondering what kinda dosage you had while youve been on it up until now, like has it went up any? or has it stayed the same? I have been on 40 mg one a day since ive started.

Thanks for reply. I may have to spoil myself a little And try it. Do u have the original cream. It wasn't too greasy/thick for your acne prone skin? Or should I wait till I start getting dry? Any specifics thing to look for w the SPF (not sure if they make more than one)? I am an avid sun protector. Not trying to make any marks darker than they already are:). Thank you so much for ur help!!! I just watched a whole YouTube review on it and some hated it or felt it did no better than cetaphil. Others are cult like about it!!! Ha. Any other advice while on accutane?
I do have the original creme... The gel and soft creme will break me out even on accutane. It was actually meant for a burned patient so that's gotta say something... I believe it's like 30 SPF? I'm not sure... It's bomb though! People do not use it right. You must put a small amount (like a pea and a half) and run to the point where your hands are basically burning and the press it into your skin, not rub... And the creme should be of a gel/liquid consistency after rubbing. Advice while on accutane? Stick with it. Unless side effects are HORRENDOUS, the majority will max out and stay constant or go away with time right at about two weeks or three... I think my side effect were not very severe... I did lose weight oddly. My face sunk in quite a bit. Never ever be without Chapstick. You'll be more sensitive to alcohol (party safe if at all). :) you'll blow up a second and then it'll disappear over night I swear my black heads literally crumbled out of my nose and never came back. Zits? They just popped on their own it was sick. It's AWESOME you rarely have to wash your hair hehe... However, my hair started to break off (not fall out anymore than a normal person should) and I began taking gnc ultra nourishair, and used the aveda invariably scalp revitalized and Moroccan oil. I mean the list of precautions goes on... But me being ultra paranoid, I just took it all too seriously and by month two it flew by so fast!
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This office was fantastic- always understanding, always there when I needed a question answer, and always on my side. I've been doing business for at least 5 years now and plan on continuing business until I cannot any longer. :D

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