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For 7 years I had nearly constant migraines. I...

For 7 years I had nearly constant migraines. I tried every medication possible in that time. After two years of debating with myself I finally tried Botox for migraines a week and a half ago.
There were a lot of injections and it was uncomfortable but my doc gave me (by request) something for anxiety prior to the procedure which helped immensely.
Less than a half an hour later I was on my way again (with a someone to drive me because of the anxiety meds.) and woke up the next morning with no headache of ANY kind for the first time in years!
A week and a half later I can say that I have had whispers of headaches but nothing major and the only side effect that I am aware of AT ALL is slight insomnia which one dose of Melatonin fixes. (That may just be from relief from pain rather than the Botox its self) and a diminishing of fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes.
I guess there is one other thing...I feel the vague sense that something is missing. It's like losing a sadistic security blanket or something. It's GOOD that it's missing but it feels odd.
For me, it has been THE ONLY THING that has helped and the degree to which it is helping is absolutely stunning. It is supposed to become more effective the more treatments you have. I don't think everyone responds instantly to it the way that I have but if you have tried everything else, and you're desperate but still scared to try it- remember that it IS temporary. If it doesn't agree with you it WILL go away in a couple of months. :)


What is the name of the doctor you saw at the everett clinic?
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Wow I'm so happy for you that your migraines are gone!  Please let us know how long the Botox lasts for you.  Did your insurance help cover the cost or did you pay out of pocket?
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With my neurologist suggesting it (I have heard that insurance is easier to deal with if it comes straight from a neurologist), I paid the normal $35.00 office fee co-pay. So far, I haven't been billed for anything else. It appears that my insurance is taking care of the whole thing! I'm still having some headaches though they are MUCH smaller and much easier to deal with. It's stunning to remember that there is a difference between dulling enough pain that you can function and not having any at all. I think I had had actually forgotten that over the years. It seems as if there has always been *some* kind of pain in my head even when it wasn't knocking my to my knees you know? What are your triggers? I'm curious because mine are weather related. I moved to the center of a weather convergence zone 7 years ago and they came out of nowhere and changed my life. It would be interesting to see if Botox works better for people with specific triggers. I haven't been able to find any studies on it yet but it wouldn't surprise me. And thank you. I keep waiting for some kind of backlash from this treatment. I know that it's unlikely, especially because I would have noticed something wrong by now, but it feels too easy somehow. Having migraines sure messes with your head mentally and emotionally too doesn't it? That's something they also don't talk about with Botox. If it DOES work, you are going to suddenly have some room for psychological rebuilding. You watch, if Botox catches on and works for people, they'll add a counseling component to the treatment. lol. It is still worth it- no doubt about it. -Keira
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My neurologist is an amazing woman. I am lucky to have found her.

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