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I consulted for lipo ad my abdomen hips flanks and...

I consulted for lipo ad my abdomen hips flanks and breast revision surgery. I was told by Dr Sholar I needed abdominalplasty rather than lipo although I had NO loose or sagging skin. She said my muscles were stretched out and that is what caused my protrusion of my stomache. One year later the contours are the same as prior to surgery only now I'm horribly scarred. At least prior to I could "suck it in)" and look good now I have to hide due to the awful scars I'm left with. Before choosing this Dr I would suggest researching her a bit more.
I had abdominalplasty, lipo and a breast lift. I have horrible scarring across my abdomen, and hypertrophic scarring around my belly button that is extremely too small. I can feel extreme tenderness still in some areas. My areolas are horribly scarred as well. I have had some improvement since having laser treatments elsewhere. The only positive of the experience was her nurse Marq who was always caring and attentive.
why is there a horizontal scar on your belly button? and are those scars on your abs from ps or were those there before? Other than that I don't know what your pre looks like the scar is normal with tummy tucks that I have seen. Have you done scar therapy? Have you gone back to her and see if she can revise? I wish you all the best!
None of those scars were present presurgery. The scars on my abs are actually not incision marks but were created by the surgical garment.the hypertrophic scarring from my belly button I can only assume are from where she created a belly button. I most certainly will not be returning to her as I have already consulted with a other plastic surgeon. Yes, I have used the scar therapy. I just started laser treatments and it has already improved. Thanks, best wishes!
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Do your research! I DO NOT recommend this Dr to anyone for any reason.

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